The Journey Begins

In Pursuit of My First Love

In Pursuit of My First Love

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I just remember, after many years of the Lord Jesus pursing me into this love relationship, I finally surrendered my entire life to His Lordship. He truly became my Lord and my Master. We had this beautiful personal relationship. I just could not leave the presence of God. Church celebrations were not enough for me. I had this deep yearning for the love of Christ, I had just encountered Him, in a way I had never imagined, after the near-death experience. I have shared about this experience in the book “The Wide Path”

Returning to the first Love

The only desire that I had, was to be in His presence. I was overflowing with so much deep emotion I could not explain to anyone. Almost every Sunday, after the celebrations, I would drive to a secluded place, in the mountains that were near my house, and I would stay there for hours and hours, just worshiping the Lord, praising, and just praying.

In the middle of the night, I would also wake up, so I could be in the presence of the Lord Jesus. He was so real, and I wanted to share this Lord, the love of my life, with everyone I met. I would tell strangers about this Jesus. During my lunch break, I would go to the lake near my work office, and I would sit by the park bench, staring at the beauty of the lake while praying, meditating in silence. These were the most peaceful and serene moments of my life.

I truly had no care; I had this peace that I could not explain. In the natural, I was experiencing different kinds of challenges, but they did not matter, because I was contented with my relationship with Christ. The challenges could not shake me that much, because in His presence, I would receive this warmth embrace.

It was during these times that were spent alone in the presence of God, that I experience for the first in my entire life, the audible voice of God. The first time I became aware that God does talk to us in a true sense, was in the external audible voice. The sad truth is I did not know how to respond, to the encounter. I remember feeling so scared and I went to another sister in church, who just said it was the devil.  Truthfully speaking, that was not the devil, it was God Himself, I was praying on my knees in our meeting spot, where only Christ and I met for fellowship and I was  deep in prayer when the Lord responded back to me, in an audible voice.

From that point, I was a little bit scared to go back to the presence of God, I did not want to encounter that voice again. I continued with my private times in the presence of God, but I would make sure I did not breakthrough in the spirit, because I was not prepared to have another encounter. The truth of the matter is that those encounters they never really stopped, every now and then when I was least expecting I would have these kind of encounters.

To be continued….

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