The Wide Path- The Realities of End Times Churches: Chapter 7- Get Up and Get Out!

 There are two paths before you; you may take only one path. One doorway is narrow. And one door is wide. Go through the narrow door. For the wide door leads to a wide path, and the wide path is broad; the wide, broad path is easy, and the wide, broad, easy path has many, many people on it; but the wide, broad, easy, crowded path leads to death.  Now then that narrow door leads to a narrow road that in turn leads to life. It is hard to find that road. Not many people manage it. Matt.7:13-14

Wednesday Health Check:

Going Back to the Basics

Greetings friends, I trust you are well and looking forward to our Wednesday health check sessions. Today I want us to focus on our spiritual health, learning to guard our spiritual identity in Christ; in the same manner, we safeguard our natural identities against identity theft.

Knowing our identity in Christ plays a crucial role in these times, classified as end times. Believe me when I tell you that the enemy is working hard to deceive the elect into a wide gate that leads to a wide path, which eventually leads to eternal death.

While I was a born again Christian, saved, and blood washed, full of fire for the Lord Jesus, I found myself in a wide path. The enemy came in a very subtle manner, and because I did not fully understand who I was in Christ, I accepted lies and deception and entered through the wide gate and traveled through the broad path.

The Lord Jesus said wide is the path that leads to destruction, and many follow this path, and narrow is the path that leads to life, and few will find this path. That is true, there is so much that is happening inside the church that has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus, and it will take believers who are sincere and striving for purity to recognize the true church of Christ from the false church, the wolf in sheep clothing.

Below, I share chapter 7 of my book “The Wide Path- The Realities of End Times Churches.” In this book, I share how I found myself in the false church disguised as a born again Christian church and how God delivered me out of that destructive path.

I also share how God gave me a revelation through dreams and visions of how the enemy is working hard to turn away believers from the true worship of Christ, our Lord and Savior, into false worship that comes in the form of idolatry and witchcraft.

The stories shared in this book help the reader examine their spiritual health and evaluate the path they have chosen if they are in a narrow way or the broad path.

At the end of this chapter, I have also inserted a link to the Amazon website, should you wish to get a full copy of this book. Thank you so much for visiting this site and for taking the time to read this post. May God richly bless you.


Towards the end of the first year after I joined the false church, I felt as if I grew spiritually in my personal walk with God for some reason. I took the assignments I was given by the leader—one of which was for me to pray for four hours on the mountain— seriously; I did not play.

The leader also gave other members of the church the same assignments as me. When I was at the mountain, I would sometimes meet those members, but I noted that some of them did not take those assignments seriously. They would chat to each other instead of praying and if they actually took a bit of time to pray and study the Bible, it would be for a few minutes. The rest of the time they would chat amongst themselves and even make noise while some of us were deep in prayer.

I really took those assignments seriously. I went to the mountain for three things only: to meditate on the Word of God; to worship and praise God; and to pray in heavenly tongues and in my own language. My friends and I also decided to spend time in the prayer room at church. We agreed to spend two hours every Friday and pray only in tongues. I truly believe that during those moments, the Lord Jesus worked all things together for our good, as in Romans 8:28.

If you sincerely love God and you are all about Him, even if you are in a dark place, He will make a way for you. The Bible says that God searches the hearts of His people. My friends and I were committed to God, although we were in “Babylon”, like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Bible. The good thing about Daniel and his friends is that they were fully aware that they were slaves in Babylon. We, however, were totally blind and were not aware that we were slaves, deep in the kingdom of darkness, as in Jeremiah 17:10.

Some days, I would go alone to the prayer mountain without receiving an instruction from the leader. In April 2012, I was told that I needed deliverance. By then many months have gone by since I started my prayers without a hint of deliverance. September came and still, I was never assured that I was delivered. I was concerned, because I really wanted deliverance. I wanted the Lord Jesus to cleanse and purify me. I felt unclean before God. I could see every day in church that some congregants were told God had delivered them. The church would rejoice and shout for joy. I waited for my turn, but it never came up until God Himself delivered me out of that false church.

One Thursday, I rose up early in the morning and went to the mountain to pray by myself. I spent the entire day there. I left the prayer mountain and went home afterwards. My heart was broken, and I could not sleep that night. It just did not make sense why I was not delivered. I prayed a lot; declared the word of God; worshipped and praised God, but nothing happened—I thought. I was desperate for God, and tired of being in the “deliverance room”, without being declared “free”.

That Thursday night, I had a vision and I saw myself shaking. For some reason, I also shook in the physical, to such an extent that my husband woke up. As a normal practice for me, I called one of the pastors and he commanded the darkness to come out of me. After telephonic prayer, I went back to bed. Immediately after I went back to bed, I had a vision. I saw the Lord Jesus dressed in a white garment. He was on top of the mountain and He was literally leading a flock of sheep.

When I woke up, I called the pastor again and told him what I just saw. The pastor did not say much. From that point onwards, he did not want anything to do with me. I felt hurt because I could not understand what was happening. He volunteered to be my mentor prior to this vision. Because he was my mentor, I trusted him and shared everything I would see in the spirit with him. That day, however, after I shared my vision with him, he became cold, moody, and did not want to talk to me.

This experience left me confused, because instead of getting a revelation of the vision, he became distant and our mentoring relationship came to an end. I later perceived that it was the Lord Jesus fulfilling a promise that He was going to lead me out of the kingdom of darkness, as per John 10:25-29.

This vision happened during the time I was a part of the signs and wonders activities at church. During that time the church leader used to call us his sheep. During signs and wonders part of the service, the pastor would call his “sheep”, to come to the front.

At that time, people would lose control of themselves— including myself—and run to him. When we came next to him, we would literally walk like sheep, on all fours on the floor. We would follow him around the church, controlled by his evil power. While doing that, he would instruct us to perform certain activities and we would do exactly as instructed. I felt like an animal.

But the vision I just saw—even though it infuriated my mentor—was the beginning of my true deliverance from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. From that moment, things began to change in my life.

One day, in early 2013, I had another morning vision. I saw myself in our false church, but it looked like a hospital. All the congregants were lying on hospital beds and they all had beds except me. During the vision, I searched for my bed and finally, someone pointed to a place where my bed was supposed to be. When I went to that spot, however, it was empty. My bed was not there.

In foolishness, I went and told the leader about my vision. He brushed it off and did not respond. But I did notice that when he preached, time and again, he would preach against those who see visions. He would say mean things which used to make me feel as if it was a bad thing to see visions. God revealed the truth to me through dreams and visions, but I still believed that I was in the right church.

I did not perceive that God was communicating a very important message to me. I began to participate less during signs and wonders activities, but one day, while participating, I was injured. One of the so-called “sheep” hit me on my eyebrow and I started to bleed, while still under the controlling power of the leader. That injury took a long time to heal, and I still have a scar over my right eyebrow today.

I asked myself how it was possible for me to get hurt during signs and wonders activities, in the presence of God for that matter.

During another signs and wonders activities, I fell on my hand and badly injured my finger. It took over three months for my finger to heal, but it was deformed and never straightened out to this day.

Time of signs and wonders was characterized by stampedes. But one day, my time came (I was bold enough, through the help of God), and I parted ways with false churches. Unfortunately, even after I left the church, I still struggled with pain in my finger.

When I was alone, I thought deeply about the signs and wonders activities. I was not pleased with all the painful incidents. I was hurt many times during those signs and wonders activities, and now I have scars which I earned while in the so-called “presence of God”.

I began to seek the face of God even more thereafter. I yearned to know God for myself. I started to buy and read books which focused on the life of the supernatural. Out of ignorance, I would buy books for the pastors who were under the leadership. At times the leader discouraged the reading of those books. But I did not stop. Instead, I continued to read as many books as possible on the same subject—life of the supernatural. While studying those books, I did not find anything like what we were subjected to in our church.


Should you—as a believer—, find yourself in a church where they perform signs and wonders, pray to God and ask Him if the signs and wonders are from Him. What is the source of the miracles? Are they used to lead people to Christ and to bring glory to God? Are they used to make money and to glorify the leader of the church? Are they performed by faith and love? Or are they using items, such as anointing oil, anointing water, and so forth to perform miracles and healings? Ask yourself these questions!

Every miracle Christ performed was genuine: Jesus did turn water into wine, and He did not hypnotize anyone into thinking that they were drinking wine. The servants filled the water pots with water, and everyone could see that there was no wine in the water pots, but only water. When they drew water from the water pots and gave to the master of the ceremony, it was turned into real wine.

Everyone who was there witnessed the wine being poured out; they tasted it, and it was real. They also reported that it tasted better than the wine that was offered earlier in the wedding ceremony, as told in John 2:1-11. When Jesus multiplied five loaves of bread and two fishes, He fed over five thousand people. Real people ate real bread and fish, and there were leftovers, according to Mark 6:41-44. Jesus walked on the water and He calmed a raging storm; everyone in the boat saw that (Matthew 14:25-26, Mark 4:39).

Jesus did not manipulate or hypnotize anyone. He did not control the minds of people to believe the miracles. If a preacher could tell you to take and drink of petrol and says it is pineapple juice, let everyone in the church see petrol change into real pineapple juice. Let the smell and the color change in full view of everyone to prove that it is indeed real pineapple juice. If the leader instructs the congregants to go outside and eat grass that has been converted to breakfast cereals, may everyone in the congregation see the grass turning into actual breakfast cereals, or the snake turn into chocolate.

Refuse to be manipulated with lies. Be alert all the time, and be sensitive when it comes to the things of God. Do not be lazy to take care of your spiritual life. Protect your identity in Christ.

Be willing to fight for what pertains to godliness. Know the enemy and his tactics. When he terrorizes your life, do not be afraid to fight back. Be aggressive in your spiritual walk. Never tolerate evil and wickedness around you. King David said to Goliath the Philistine, “You come to me with the sword, with a spear and with the javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defiled……. That all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.” –1 Samuel 17:45-46.

If you are going through a fierce spiritual battle, partner with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray to God to lead you to the right church (if you are not already in the right church) where you will be equipped spiritually for the battle. If there are any areas in your life that are not committed to the Lord, now is the time to commit yourself wholeheartedly. Close all doors the enemy might use to terrorize your life. Get rid of the tendency to defend your ungodly actions.

The enemy does not get tired of attacking us as believers. We are to use the word of God and aggressive prayer to push back the enemy. We have the name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit at our disposal.


Apart from the visions I already shared with you, I also started to see visions and dreams of the end times and they continued even after I left the false church. Every now and then, I still see such visions. I would see the earth coming to an end and an announcement would be made that the Lord Jesus is back.

One day, before I left the church, I saw another vision. During praise and worship, I saw fire emergency lights flashing inside the church. I was confused, because I thought it was a real fire emergency vehicle. I even told my friend what I saw, but it turned out that all I saw was in the spirit. This continued for several weeks. I assumed that God had called me into hospital ministry.

It was only later that God revealed to me that those emergency lights were warning signs to tell us that we were not in the right church and that help was on the way. I told the leader about this vision. He told me that God was showing me the prophetic healing ministry which was being birthed in the church. His explanation made sense to me, because a few weeks after our conversation, the leader began to operate in the prophetic healing ministry.

God also showed me visions which were specifically about the prophet, our leader. I saw him preach from a deep, dark hole. I heard him call us, that we might come to him. I tried to run to him down in the hole, using the stairway, but someone came and cut the stairway. I could not find an alternative way to him and was left with no choice but to climb the stairs back up. I told my prayer group about the vision, but because I had not been declared “delivered” by the leader, the prayer group insisted that I was still in need of deliverance. They felt that the things which I saw about the leader were not correct. Unfortunately, I believed them, and I thought the problem was with me. But the dreams and visions continued.

In some of my visions, I saw highly esteemed false prophets from all over Africa, all in one room. At times, those prophets spoke to me, but a final word came from their highest-ranking prophet who resides in West Africa. This happened during my work travel to Italy. Those were confusing times for me, I must say.

During my Italian trip, I did not take anything from our church or other churches. I did not take any anointing oil, anointing water, or stickers. I had nothing except my Bible and prayer.

The trip became life changing for me. On the first day I arrived in Italy, I had a horrific spiritual attack. My travel time was over twenty hours. When I arrived at my hotel room, on the third of November 2013, I prayed for a few minutes, thanked God for a safe journey, and I went straight to bed. Within few minutes of sleep—it was around 08:00 in the morning—the vision appeared.

In the vision, a headless man who approached me and strangled me. I felt as if I was dying. I called on the name of Jesus repeatedly. As I did that, the headless man became weak and he finally removed his hands from my neck and left.

When I woke up from that nightmare, I understood one thing; that if I was going to return home to South Africa alive, I had to stay in prayer and in the word of God. I tried to contact the leader back home, but for the first time, he was not available to take my calls. I tried to persuade the man who answered his cell phone to let me speak to the leader, but he refused. It became clear that it was only between God and me to overcome my situation.

I engaged in long hours of prayer. I would walk long distances, pray in tongues, and declare the word of God. I literally had nothing else to do after work. I could not even watch television because it was broadcasted in Italian, which was not appealing to me.

During weekends I would go to the city to explore; but as soon as I returned to my room, I would pray, study the Bible, and declare the word of God. I began to enjoy that kind of spiritual life. It became my way of living in Italy.

One day I saw a vision about the leader and some of church members dressed in black. In the vision, it appeared as if our church was built underground, below the mountain. Even the entrance of the church was underground. For the first time, I knew that I was not possessed by demons, nor did I need any deliverance. It dawned on me that God was speaking to me in visions. I continued to live a life of prayer until I returned home to South Africa.


Not long after that, something began to happen every time my prayer partners and I entered the church. The leader would speak curses against us. Initially, we did not pay attention, but with time we understood that he spoke ill of us.

As I have mentioned that I had travelled on a job assignment to Italy, I prayed a lot during the trip and God showed me visions. When I came back, I went to church to attend a Friday night service on the 13th of December 2013 and the pastor pronounced curses against the women who were called to ministry. My prayer partners and I were shocked, and we struggled to handle what was happening inside the church. Moreover, the pastor openly cursed me in front of the congregation.

We were given nicknames, and everyone knew my nickname. The pastor told the church that he was going to call people by their nicknames and the congregation was to know that the person he did not call, was the one he was talking about. He said that when that person stands and speak, they smell, and his or her river was not flowing.

On that day—as he called most people by their nicknames —he came and literally stood next to me and He did not call me by my nickname. He then gave new names to those who were sitting where I was sitting. To be honest, I was hurt, especially with every curse he pronounced. But that night, God gave me another vision; I saw myself as in Ezekiel 47, cancelling all those curses.

Then he brought me back to the door of the temple; and there was water, flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east, for the front of the temple faced east; the water was flowing from under the right side of the temple, south of the altar…; and there was water, running out on the right side. And when the man went out to the east with the line in his hand, he measured one thousand cubits, and he brought me through the waters; the water came up to my ankles. Again, he measured one thousand and brought me through the waters; the water came up to my knees. Again, he measured one thousand and brought me through; the water came up to my waist. Again, he measured one thousand, and it was a river that I could not cross; for the water was too deep, water in which one must swim, a river that could not be crossed. – Ezekiel 47:1-5

In the vision—just like events of the vision of Ezekiel 47:1-5—I saw all of what is explained at the opening of that chapter. They happened to me in almost the same manner. As the vision progressed, I noticed that water came up to my ankles, then up to my knees, and up to my waist; but I was able to cross the river, which Prophet Ezekiel said no one could not cross. I literally walked and crossed over to the other side. From that point, I knew that God was with me. I knew that He would not allow evil to prevail in my life. There was one problem though; I still did not have a clear revelation that I was lost spiritually, and that I was walking on the wide path. I did not know that I was on a path which leads to eternal destruction.

What I have learned is that in the kingdom of darkness, everything about all people is known. Satan knows when people are still under his influence and when they are not. I believe the leader knew that it was a matter of time before I understood all the dreams and visions God showed me. Perhaps that was the reason he decided to pronounce a curse over my life. Perhaps he knew that I was no longer under his control and determined to destroy or recapture my life.

But even after God revealed the devilish state of my church to me, it became very hard to grasp everything and move out of the church, because the leader of the church appeared to be someone who loved God. He appeared to be a genuine man of God.

A disguise worn by false prophets is their biggest secret weapon. They appear as true representatives of God, while they are in fact representatives of the devil (2 Corinthians 11:14). It requires of one to earnestly seek the face of God in order to receive a revelation and deliverance from false churches.

And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.

– 2 Corinthians 11:14

A part of me continued to defend the leader. I thought that perhaps, he was going through a hard time in life and that maybe he was unable to handle it. I thought that was probably the reason he was specifically attacking the women. I thought that perhaps some woman misbehaved inside the church while I was in Italy and that caused the pastor to have a twisted view about women. I thought it would soon blow over, but it did not. He continued to preach messages which dishonoured and humiliated women.

On Sunday 15th of December 2013, I forced myself to go church. The church service was more like a cult ceremony. For the first time after I became a member of that false church, it felt as if I was not at church. The leader cursed women and he asked the men to chant against them inside the church.

When I looked at him—while men chanted—he looked like an animal. He looked different and there was so much hate in his face. His eyes looked different as well. It was as if a violent wild animal had possessed him. I could not stand that, and I ran outside of the church, feeling scared.

For a few weeks, I did not go to our church, even on New Year’s Eve that year. Instead, I visited another church during that time. On the 12th of January 2014, I went back to my church with the hope to find things different.

My children were healthy all along, but while in church, just around 12:00 midday, my youngest daughter suddenly became very sick. I took her for prayer, but she did not get better. In fact, after they laid hands on her, she worsened. Quietly, without anyone’s knowledge, I left the church and took my child to the doctor. I left with both my children and drove straight to the clinic in Centurion, which was near my home.

The doctor examined the child and he wrote a letter for her to be admitted to the hospital immediately. When we arrived at the hospital, my child was in a critical condition. It was embarrassing because I had little bottles of anointing oil, anointing water, and stickers from different false churches and I applied them to her, but she became more ill.

I could see that I was losing my child. In desperation, I knelt in front of all the nurses in the hospital, just as I did when my husband was in a critical condition at the hospital. I called on Jesus as I had before, and asked Him to heal my child. I took the anointing oil, anointing water, and all stickers and threw them away. I continued to call on the name of Jesus.

Because the Lord Jesus Christ remains faithful even when we are not, He heard my cry and He touched my child. At that very moment, my child became stable. She was still sick, but the condition became manageable. I stayed by my child’s bedside for full five days. Day and night, I spent praying to God and putting my faith in Him only. Eventually, my child was completely healed. She was discharged from the hospital, on the 16th of January 2014.

The things which God revealed to me after this, changed the course of my life; they gave me a purpose and an assignment to fulfil on earth. My journey to freedom had just begun. The time for me to get up and get out of false churches—the wide path—had finally arrived.

I could not get any real sleep in the five days while my daughter was in hospital, but on the day, she was discharged from the hospital, I took a nap in the afternoon. While asleep, God showed me a dream.

I saw myself asleep in a room that was at the highest top of the building. The building seemed like it had about twenty-five floors or so. As I lay down, I heard the leader calling me by the nickname he had given me. I quickly woke up to hear where his voice called from.

In the physical I was still asleep. As I listened, he was calling from the basement of the same building and he wanted me to come down to where he was. Normally, when he called me by my nickname, I would lose control of myself.

His forceful power would pull me uncontrollably towards him. I ran down the stairs and as I did that, I saw a woman who blocked my way. When I looked in the middle of the stairs, she placed a yellow cleaning board which read “Caution – Wet Floor” in front of me. I tried to jump or walk around the sign, but I could not. My way to him was blocked. When I looked further down the stairs, I realized that the entire stairway was wrapped with red and white crime scene tape.

Because my way to the leader was blocked, I decided to take an elevator. But when I walked towards the elevator, it seemed different. At first, I thought it was a vending machine, but when I looked closer—instead of sweets, snacks and cool drinks—it was filled with money. The money had blood all over it and when I looked more closely, I noticed that it had been vandalized. I became very scared and I ran outside of the building.

When I ran outside, I found three men waiting for me. They said to me, “You are going to need Jesus more than any other time in your life”. I was still out of breath and shaking when they spoke to me, because I was running. Then, I woke up.

That statement stayed with me ever since. For me to live, to survive, and to make it in life, only the Lord Jesus Christ could help me.

Because of that statement, I relied on the Lord Jesus Christ in every area of my life, until this day. I am committed to attending church. That is how I was raised. Whether it rains or not, we always attended church on Sunday. I just could not miss church.

That Sunday, I decided to go to church alone and left the children at home. I was still processing the vision I had on Thursday the 16th of January 2014. Again, I told my prayer group about the vision, but others still insisted that I needed deliverance.

When we arrived at church, the leader was not there. The service went well, but something strange happened that Sunday. The leader left a yellow sheet for the congregation to touch after the service. He left the instruction that as people touched the yellow sheet, it would be as if it was him laying hands on them. To my surprise, multitudes of people stood in long lines in order to touch the sheet.

I left the church that day, knowing that I was no longer a part of it. On Sunday morning, the 3rd of February 2014, I had another vision. For the first time I understood what the Lord Jesus had been trying to say to me all along.

In the vision, I saw the church again. It was in a desert and there was no edible vegetation where the pulpit was. It was completely dry. There were only weeds around the pulpit. The congregants struggled to walk and whenever they tried to stand up, they would fall to the ground. In the vision, I was still a part of the congregation and I also struggled to stand up. I saw many of my loved ones looking at me and they were sad as they watched me struggle to walk in the desert. When I woke up, I clearly understood everything that God showed me in the vision.

I used to give a ride to some of my prayer partners; in fact, we travelled in a lift club since the church was far. But that Sunday, I texted and informed them that I was not going to church. I immediately cut contact with them because I told them that the church we were attending was not of God, but they insisted that I was the one needing deliverance.

That Sunday, I visited a church which I had attended on New Year’s Eve. While I was there, I was delivered. During the time of praise and worship, I started to sweat profusely to a point that my clothes were soaked in sweat. My hands, legs, and feet were also sweating. I sweated from head to toe. During the entire service, I shook uncontrollably, and I felt embarrassed.

At that time, I knew without doubt in my heart that God was giving me deliverance from all the poison I received while in the false church. After church, the pastor attended to me and prayed for me. For the first time in a long time, I felt free and I slept like a baby that night.

I was finally out of a false church, but I had no idea that the war had just begun. I did not know that Satan would come after me with all his power, in an attempt to prevent me from sharing the experience I had in false churches. Challenges in my life became worse. It was at that point that I understood clearly what the three men in the vision I saw meant when they said, “You are going to need Jesus more than any other time in your life”.


I think it is sad that many believers who are richly rooted in Christ, are unable to use that to their advantage. They attend godly churches and have genuine men and women of God leading them, but they still tolerate mediocrity while they have everything in Christ.

The enemy robbed Adam and Eve of their identity and as a result, they lost every blessing that God gave to them. They were not fully conscious of their identity in God and when tempted by Satan, they failed to recognize his evil schemes.

Today, the entire human race still faces the consequences of the disobedience which took place in the Garden of Eden—millennia ago.

If you are not fully aware of your inherent identity in God, you will struggle to benefit fully from the grace of God. Even after God had delivered you, Satan will never stop using lies and deception to persuade you to move away from the ways of God. It is only when you know your spiritual identity, being fully conscious of who you are in Christ, then you will be able to defeat the work of the enemy in your life.

You need to be continually vigilant, as you are vigilant in taking care of your natural valuables. It took me spending more time in the presence of God for me to be fully delivered.

Even after I left false churches, it still took me a long time to uncover everything that happened in my spiritual life. I no longer attended the false church, but I still found myself defending the false prophet whenever I heard people speak badly about him. It is a constant struggle to break spiritual connections with false churches. But if you could seek the kingdom of God, God will reveal Himself to you, as promised in Matthew 6:33.

God commanded us to first seek His kingdom above everything else. Seek God with all your heart and He will bring you to a point where you totally discover who you are in Christ. It is only in the presence of God that our eyes are opened, and restoration takes place. To move from one church to another will not necessarily bring you good results. Pray and study the word of God and you will come to the knowledge of God and fully understand the finished work of the Cross. God is faithful; you can rely on Him. Be diligent while you wait for Him, and in due time, He will show up.

The enemy always uses any opportunity to feed people lies, blind them, and bring them to a place of deception.

It takes understanding the mercy and the grace of God for one’s eyes to be opened. God is patient and if our hearts are pure before Him, He will always come through for us. Perhaps you know someone who is a member of a false church and you are praying for that person, but he or she is still blind. I say to you, may God help you to be patient as you are waiting for your loved one’s deliverance.

If you have just parted ways with false churches, take the time to seek God afresh. Do not be like Lot’s wife who looked back after God rescued them in Genesis 19:26 and Luke 17:32.

There is an amazing life waiting for you. You are not alone. Many have overcome and you will also overcome, as we learn in 1 Peter 5:9. Total deliverance starts at the personal time you take to spend fervently in the presence of God. I know without any shadow of doubt, that your total deliverance will be accomplished in the personal time you spend in the secret place. Psalm 91:1 says, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High God, shall abide in the tabernacle of the Lord.”

God has promised deliverance, salvation and long life to those who spend time in His presence. Spend time in the secret place with God and you will defeat all your enemies. God will lead you to a church which He wants you to submit under, a place where you will learn and grow.

This may sound scary, but it is true: Some people die after parting ways with false churches; some are afflicted with all sorts of problems; but I encourage you to learn to hold onto the Lord, for He will deliver you from the hand of the enemy.

Anyway, there is no need for people to fear death. If you die in the Lord, you go to heaven—a far better place than this earth—and if you survive, you will excel in life because you now know the truth.


But he rescued Lot, a righteous man who was distressed by the debauchery of those unprincipled people; for the wicked deeds which that righteous man saw and heard, as he lived among them, tormented his righteous heart day after day. So, the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and how to hold the wicked until the Day of Judgment while continuing to punish them, – 2 Peter 2:7-9 (CJB – Complete Jewish Bible)

I believe that you have read about the story of a man named Lot in the Bible. Lot was pure before God and was considered a righteous man. He lived with wicked people, but he did not compromise, and God rescued him. God did not permit evil to harm him because of his obedience and faithfulness.

Even though Lot lived in a wicked land, he did not stop living for God. Lot’s soul was vexed and distressed by an evil lifestyle of the people of his city. Some Bible scholars believe that Lot preached to his countrymen to return to God, but they did not repent. In my own view, the cry against Sodom and Gomorrah was from Lot, and God only responded to his cry.

I believe that Lot continually confessed the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah to God, and when the time was right, God responded. The story of Lot demonstrates the love and mercy of God for His people. God will not leave the righteous to suffer with the wicked. He shall deliver the righteous during difficult times. This story encourages us to continue to pray for people.

I believe I was delivered because of the prayers of the believers who constantly pray for the lost. If you have loved ones who are lost in false churches and they do not listen to you, continue to pray for them. Also pray for all believers to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, so that they may be able to discern the work of the enemy. It takes time for some people to find the right path to heaven, especially if they are blinded by false churches.

It took more than a year after God revealed the truth to me in dreams and visions for me to part ways with false churches. I could not understand everything God showed me, and I did not know how to respond. Factually speaking, false churches are very efficient in diverting people and making them totally dependent on their movement and false prophets.

When you are blinded by false churches, you put more trust in them and what they give or sell to you, than you do in God. As I have mentioned before, the minute you associate with false churches, you become blind and you completely lose your ability to hear the voice of God.

If you are a member of false churches, your spirit knows it. God speaks to your spirit.

Unfortunately, most people are afraid of change and tend to linger long before taking the necessary steps to break free. The problem with lingering when it is time to go, is that other innocent people will likely become victims. While wasting time trying to figure things out when I was in false churches, I nearly lost my children.

During his time, I believe Lot tried hard to rescue as many people as he could. I believe he tried to warn people of what was about to take place, and that God would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, but none of them listened. Under compulsion, he left with his wife and his two daughters only.

Some people believe Lot lingered because he did not want to leave the riches of Sodom. But I believe that he had hoped that the rest of his family, friends, and neighbors would eventually believe him and join him as they were leaving Sodom.

I was in the same situation. For some time, I tried to warn those who were close to me, but they did not pay attention to my dreams and visions. I was able to leave the false church with one friend only—who, by God’s grace, never participated in any of those signs and wonders parts of the service which was done in the church. She was not as deeply entangled in the world of darkness as I was. Because of that, it did not take much effort for her spiritual eyes to see and for her to get out of the false church.

When she noticed that I did not attend the false church, she came to me and told me her suspicions. Together, we were able to leave those false churches.

Most people whom I left in the false church are still committed. Sadly, they think that since my friend and I left the church, we have backslidden. They think we are lost and on the wide path. Even when I try to tell them about what God has revealed to me, they do not want to listen. One can tell that they are still blindfolded; they don’t see. They also do not hear, because their spiritual ears were blocked.

Some of the people I warned only left the church later; some because they lingered when I told them that it was time for us to leave. Like Lot’s wife, they looked back. They left our false church, just to go to another.

When God delivers you, be careful that you do not look back, no matter how difficult things become. Just like Lot’s wife, those people turned into pillars of salt. Nevertheless, I continue to pray for all the people of God who are lost and so should all believers. Together we can do more.

A Christian journey is a journey of grace and mercy. We must show grace and mercy to those who perish, because we did not save ourselves; the grace and mercy of God rescued us from the kingdom of darkness.

If you are on the wide path (false churches), and you know that you are in a wrong church, get up and get out right now. Do not waste time! Do not look back! This is your time to leave false churches as well. Do it! Do it right! Do it right now!

I have found the One whom my soul loves.

Song of Solomon 3:4

Hello there! I’m Zama-Zoe. I am an engineer by profession, and I am a writer and an Author by the calling of God. I am a blogger, inspirational speaker, and a businesswoman. I am a homemaker; with two beautiful daughters.

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  1. Great experience you’ve had. I can relate to all that because I’ve been a victim of many false churches and false prophets. Unfortunately, they’re all over the place and are deceiving so many. The only safe guard against false prophets is to be close to the Lord, to be grounded in His word and to be filled with his Spirit. We’re indeed in the end times! We shouldn’t be afraid to try all men and all spirits by the written word of God, and we should closely examine the fruits of people and their ministries, for by their fruits we shall know them. God bless you for sharing this wonderful experience.

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    1. They have indeed mushroomed everywhere, and we thank the Lord Jesus for showing us how to identify them, they all share the same fruits, and for real, we need to test the spirit and observe the fruit they bear. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post; I appreciate you. May God bless you and keep you in His mighty hands, especially during these times.

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