Happy New Year- 2021

Happy New Year: Compliments of the season, my dear friends. I trust you are all safe and still living under the shadow of the Almighty God. Some of us did not start this year on a good note as we are battling COVID19, and unfortunately, I have also lost a member of my family who was very dear to my heart.

As we start this year, I pray for each of you that God protects you and keeps you. May you also receive the blessing from the song by Kari Jobi, “The blessing.” I wish you peace in the time of uncertainty as we navigate this year. I just want to assure you that God is in control, Even after suffering so much loss through COVID19. No matter what, He loves you; He is with you and for you. May you continue to trust in Him even amid the storms of life.

Happy New Year- May God Bless You All and Keep You. Amen!

Thank you so much for stopping by; I genuinely appreciate you – Many blessings

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